Our Environment Policy

ELMOB is highly environment friendly and feels responsible against humanity. As a result of the social responsibility conscience embraced since the first day it was established, the company sees applying quality policy in manufactured goods and compliance with European norms as a major business principle. Our company looks for the same approach in sub industries that the company has business dialogue with.

Based on this business principle, ELMOB being environment friendly with its products sees it a priority duty to abide by legal responsibilities, use natural resources, raw materials and supplementary raw materials efficiently, recycle all wastes in a way where all will be non harmful as possible to prevent any environmental pollution, create environmental awareness for its employees and suppliers, install an environmental management system and improve it constantly based on environmental protection principle in order to leave a world for the coming generations to live in.

Environmental health based on used half products:

Aluminum and Plastics:
The demand for raw material will decrease when all consumed materials are included in the recycling ring. Thus increasing consumption in parallel to increasing human populations is prevented to damage natural balance and any harm to occur on nature. Besides, using all recyclable materials as raw materials again will enable to save significant amount of energy.

Compact Laminate and Wood Materials:
Compact laminate is a certified type of material applying to European norms with its antibacterial (0,5 ppm) formaldehyde content. We provide our customers with healthy products since all types of wood material used in our country meet E1 glue standards.

Boxes and Packaging:
Blocked styrofoam material is environment friendly. It does not harm the nature and is recyclable. It does not involve chlorofluorocarbon which damages the ozone layer and is banned in Europe. It is not any menace to health and is recyclable.