Our Quality Policy

Elmob has been certified to receive “TS-EN-ISO 9001 Quality assurance System Certificate” on 31.12.2004 and
has established a quality system which constantly improves itself.

Besides our company is a member of CEA which is worldwide known and respected in the sector keeping its
development and quality management in its active sector dynamic one. Major aspects to form ELMOB's quality
policy are;

-Be a symbol of trust, consistency and respectability for our customers by implementing Total Quality
Management philosophy.

-Work towards targeted customer satisfaction by adopting and working in-line with the ISO 9001 Quality
Management System.

- Become a part of the international marketplace by providing high value products and by following and
applying world standards and emerging technologies on the continuous road towards progress.

- Creating a teamwork spirit by supporting the quality management system with the necessary trainings and
realizing the most important key targets.

In accordance with the set goals, ELMOB has a structure to renew itself constantly and having divisions and
processes that are in constant development to produce quality in parallel to developing technologies.

ELMOB has established a quality control system to include all processes in its body and that may trigger
each other. This quality control system is based on the maximum benefit principle enabling all employees
in all divisions to look for the point in which errors may have occurred and prevent such errors to reoccur.
Furthermore, quality concept is inoculated in all employees with the help of training programs prepared
according to the needs of all at every single degree in the company.

Considering the fact that assembly of our products is a major issue to provide a higher performance in their
use, fast and easy solutions are created with the help of video animations that will support the detailed and
simple language of instructions at every stage.