Our Mission And Vision

Our Vision is To create customized differences for our customers' life styles.
Our Mission is To provide our clients with products and services that will add value to their life styles and claim them unique with our flexible structure and our creative designs today when change is inevitable.

5 unchangeable rules for Elmob: Creativity Solution focused Reliability Flexibility Open to Collaboration at all times.

For Elmob, creativity is; The most important rule is to create designs and products that will create differences for our customers in parallel to constantly changing demand and consumption habits of today. For this reason, Elmob presents its customers with customized options and aims at adding value to every second of their lives.

For Elmob, focused on solution is; Both locally and abroad, all demands, suggestions etc to be placed presales or after sales are evaluated in the best manner to maximize benefit to be obtained so that customer satisfaction will be at maximum level.

For Elmob, reliability is; Since the first day of our business life, we have tried to provide our customers with a sense of confidence with the service provided during sales or after sales based on the “ principle to be a reliable address at all times” via our employees which will be the reflection of our services as long as we continue to practice our business.

For Elmob, flexibility is; In a global world where competition continues to rise every single day in our sector, it is our priority to follow a production-sales-marketing policy to answer the demands and needs of our customers fastest as possible and keep this policy dynamic.

For Elmob, being open to collaboration is; Our company has always stayed open to the outer world and all opportunities that will rise since has seen it a must to act as a family with the synergy created and knowledge power without compromising the principle to come to a collective decision and act accordingly which enables the company to be a strong, dynamic and efficient one.